“I would like to share with you a little bit about our time spent with Jessica Queller Katz, and how she has helped our son (and me!). My son Charlie has Angelman’s Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects mobility, speech, and cognitive function, and has been in physical, occupational, and speech therapies since he was about 11 months old. He has an ataxic gait, and carries his body very unnaturally, constantly clenching his shoulders, curling his toes, locking his knees, etc. After about a year of occupational therapy, his therapist suggested we look into myofascial release therapy. I found Jessica through the MFR website, and scheduled an appointment. Upon entering her office, I immediately felt at ease. Jessica has such a warm and reassuring manner about her which, for a family dealing with a recent mental disability diagnosis, was such a relief. She is also extremely easygoing, letting Charlie crawl when he needed to crawl, chew when he needed to chew, going so far as to even provide toys to keep him occupied while she worked on him. The therapy itself was very beneficial. After each session, I could see how his movement was affected. His muscles moved more freely, and he was calmer. She even worked on his mouth and face, which helped immensely with his oral/chewing fixation. I see the difference especially now that it’s been a few months since he’s been to see her! Jessica is a wonderful therapist, and great with kids. She has always been enthusiastic about working as a team with Charlie’s other therapists, working on parts of his body that had received more attention that week, or seemed especially out of sync. I do my part to spread the word about MFR, because I believe that in combination with other therapies, it makes a huge difference in a child’s progression.” Amanda Lee Schneider – NJ & PA
“I was referred to Jessica when I found out my daughter had a tongue tie at 6 weeks old. When we first started seeing Jessica my daughter could not tilt her head back and after a few visits she was able to. I then realized my baby had a lot of tightness on her body. Jessica always knew exactly where the tension was. After each appointment I would see such noticeable improvements in the way my baby could move and open her mouth. Jessica worked her magic on my baby and helped her to feel more comfortable, nurse more easily, and the baby stopped screaming during every car ride. Jessica always explained everything to me which made me feel more comfortable too. Jessica helped my daughter so much! My baby girl is thriving now and meeting all of the milestones early. I highly recommend Jessica!” Tracy, mother – Monmouth County, NJ


“I have experienced a lot of bodywork over the years, and Jessica is “hands down” the best therapist with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. She is intelligent, intuitive, and well-versed in myofascial release. I continue to choose her compassionate care because I am always pleased with the treatment results – especially after I had a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. Jessica helped to keep me healthy by treating areas that were overworking to protect my injury. Her sessions have also provided relief from migraines. As a direct result of working with Jessica, I have been able to confidently become more active again. I highly recommend her care to anyone seeking relief from pain, as well as to anyone looking to improve their overall health. And don’t wait for your next massage to be good to yourself – take her myofascial stretching class! You’ll learn a lot of great self-care techniques from Jessica that will keep you feeling great!” Jane A. – Eatontown, NJ
“Jessica is well versed in dealing with persons who have had previous injuries and how to overcome them. She is always professional and personable.” Lauren K. – Howell, NJ
“Jessica is truly an expert in myofacial release. I have used her services many times and recommended her to clients, friends and family, all who have been very pleased with her outstanding service. She has helped me create a healthier body that has a higher level of function and is pain free. Thank you Jessica!” Renee Doehler – Red Bank, NJ
“Jessica is an amazing, intuitive massage therapist that I recommend to everyone! She has a deep and extensive knowledge of how the body works, and applies that to her therapeutic sessions. I look forward to each massage not only because I leave feeling wonderfully relaxed and limber, but also because I learn some tips on how avoid tightening my trouble spots. She’s a wealth of information, strength and kindness.” Stephanie Martel – Central, NJ
“Jessica recommended Myofacial Release massage therapy for my carpal tunnel symptoms and the results were immediate and long lasting. She also helped me with headaches as well as overall “wellness”. myofacial release is a very different kind of massage and I highly recommend Jessica and this particular massage therapy.” Kate Rafferty – Ocean, NJ
“I have chronic neck and shoulder pain from muscle spasms due to injuries sustained from several car accidents. Massage is the best form of therapy for me and that is why I hired Jessica. Jessica is an excellent therapist and a true professional in her field. When I came to her to get the relief I needed, she listened to me with patience and compassion and addressed all of my concerns in order to give me the best care possible. She is extremely knowledgeable and she does everything she can to help you feel better fast. I highly recommend Jessica as a massage therapist as she is a pleasure to work with and she gets results!” Leigh-Anne Amecangelo – Red Bank, NJ
“I searched for a good MFR therapist for several years before I found Jessica. Two Minutes talking to her on the phone and I knew that I had found the right therapist for me. Jessica is competent, caring, and oh yes, fun to be with. I travel 1 and 3/4 hours each way for a session with Jessica. I have been asked several times if it is worth the bother. YES IT IS!.” Rita W.


I want to share with you a quick update on how I’m feeling 5 days post birth… Jayden was born Monday at 7:04 am. My milk came in full force by Thursday a.m. and we have been feeding really well since [Update-- He was 7 lb, 9 oz at birth, and he was discharged from the hospital weighing 6 lb, 14 oz. He weighed in 11 days post-birth at 8 lb, 3 oz. The pediatrician was most impressed!]. My bleeding is so light I gave up the hospital issued pads (except on overnights) two days ago. My emotions are stable and I am find myself getting teared up at how fortunate I am to have a healthy baby and that my body is doing everything I could want it to to nourish him and recover. One never knows if the pills helped me get to such a stable point so quickly, but I have a lot of faith that they were a VERY BIG part of it. I’m so grateful for your support during the process of getting permission for the placenta release, to your offer of being available by phone during labor, to getting the pills into our hands 36 hours after birth. I will recommend you to anyone who will listen and hope I can bring more business your way as a small token of my gratitude. You are so good at what you do, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Renée – Monroe, NJ


“Jessica has a healing presence. I have absolute faith in her ability to help support others in their healing journeys. She’s been an amazing resource to me. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and is continuously seeking out ways to improve her skills and means to help people achieve wellness. She’s helped me with a million, things, but most recently she’s provided me with herbal and homeopathic remedies (including herbal tinctures) to help me recover from a chronic infection. I’ve learned so much from her about healing foods, supplements, plants, and flowers that can be used safely for medicinal use to support the body in healing itself.” Rebecca – Toms River, NJ