Is your body telling you to release tension,
twisting, knotting, or unsettling feelings?

Are you seeking a holistic integrated approach
to fertility and preconception?

Do you want to prepare for a
smoother pregnancy and labor?

Are you recovering from a cesarean
and in need of healing support?

Did you recently give birth and looking to
enhance postpartum recovery for you and your baby?

The changes women experience in their lifetime are endless and complex. During each phase, it often becomes necessary to integrate new methods of supporting natural healing processes. At ESSENCE, it is our intention to enhance the body’s natural abilities to heal through a variety of holistic services. Our programs support the body’s innate healing wisdom and guide women and their families during a variety of life experiences so that all may flourish. Whichever obstacle you are looking to overcome, our hope is that you move through those stages with greater ease and clarity.